System Overview

The need for a viable payment option that is accessible from anywhere, difficulties in handling administrative tasks i.e. students’ records, fees statistics, results publication, Receipt frauds, need to have fees collected transferred into appropriate accounts in a timely manner with real time statistics, errors in transcripts, students’ information, course registration, course-list generation, results statistics, and graduation-list generation, difficulties in accessing university information remotely and establishing a viable E-Learning Platform are some of the many issues Go-Student handles in the educational millieu.

Go-Student is FREE to the Institutions (Clients) using it. However some optional services will be charged to students requesting them. Some of these services are SMS notifications, Remote results, transcript applications, Online Credential verifications, e-learning, and more. Remember these paid services are OPTIONAL!


This module provides a means for online application for prospective students of the institution. This application process is followed by an automatically generated admission-list for students who meet the criteria set by the institution for that particular programme. It also gives room for manual processing of application forms if need be. Moreover, once admissions are confirmed, the system can automatically generate student registration numbers (mostly known as Matriculation numbers). In addition to the admission letter that the system generates automatically with the possibility of download, it provides SMS updates to applicants who subscribe for SMS update service.

Course Management

This module has as main mission, to resolve all problems around courses. It allows for Online Course Registration, Course Evaluation Management, Course Instructor Management, Course Registration Statistics and more. This module also provides a possibility to set deadlines which are use to control the course registration process. It also provides an optional means to set penalties for late course registration. Most of our clients have found this penalty aspect very helpful in acheiving success as things are done on time.


Cash collection has always been a crucial and heptic process in educational milieus. This module allows for Fees (medical fees, tuition, registration, ...) settings including installments and caution. Go-Student Payment Module comes with three (3) integrated highly secured payment channels: MTN Mobile Money, Orange Money and UBA Visa. These payment channels make cash collection less daunting by facilitating remote payments. The module provides real time and detail statistics of financial transactions on the system


This module works closely with the Course Management Module. It processes marks (encoding and decoding answer sheets) and produces results based on the grading system and settings in the Course Management Module. Moderation of results and statistics is just a click away from making life easy! These results ones compiled and published, can be pushed immediately to students who subscribed to that service. This marks could then be pulled and synchronized with the offline counterpart of Go-Student hosted on Campus.

Library Management

An offline Library management module through which the following can be done:

  • Set penalties for late returns
  • Check-in/Check-out of library books
  • Reports and Statistics

Graduation and Attestation of Study

This module is fully dependent on the other modules. It automatically generates a graduation-list based on the graduation criteria set by the institution. It uses the course management module to determine if student has successfully gone through all the set courses for a particular programme. It also goes further to determine if student has any financial debts or books borrowed from the library (Clearances). If all conditions are met, the student automatically is validated for graduation. It also can then generate an attestation for the student.

Go-Student Customization and Flexibility

Go-Student is a very flexible and fully customizable Package. All the above mentioned modules and more can be customized and upgraded according to the needs of the institution. There is always a very responsive, diligent and well experienced technical team delegated to the institution for all her technical needs.


Experiences of some users of Go-Student

Gwendoline Toh-Boyo, PhdDirector, Higher Institute of Applied Medical Sciences

I did not believe it was free until we got it free as an instituion. Our students with a small fee can get their results anywhere and anytime once published. It provides an easy way to work with University of Buea (UB) our mentor University as our results/documents are presented in the required format. Work has been made easy and efficient with Go-Student

Awa MelvineStudent, University of Buea

The Go-Student package has made life easy for me. I remember my 'Bigs' who used to queue up for fees, course registration and travelled long distances for results. I do that now in my bed!

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